Considerations When Selecting a Door for Your Built In Closet

built in closetsThere are various different aspects that have to be considered when putting together the design of built in closets and in terms of importance, the door is usually right up there. The door is not only a highly functional element of the design, ensuring the interior of the closet is out of view when it is not in use, but it also plays a vital role in terms of aesthetics since it is often the most visible part of the closet. This means it has to fit in with other design features found in the room. There are several decisions that have to be made relating to the door, with the main one being the type of door that will be installed. Other considerations include the material used to construct the door and whether it will possess any accessories. Royal Custom Closets has a great deal of experience in this area, having produced built in closets featuring every variation of closet door imaginable.

Different Types of Doors That Can Be Incorporated into the Design of Built In Closets

We always advise our clients that no single type of door is the “right” choice, but each option does have its own set of pros and cons, which we are going to outline for you now.

Traditional Swinging Door

You know the type we are talking about. Thousands of homeowners in the Greater Toronto Area will have closets fitted with swinging doors, as it’s one of the most popular styles available. Why is that? For a start, swinging doors can increase the storage capacity of built in closets simply because the backs of the doors are accessible. This allows you to install hooks and racks in these areas. Swing style doors are also popular because of the way they offer unrestricted access to all parts of the closet. There’s only one real drawback to swinging doors; the fact that they swing outwards. This may sound silly but the fact that they swing outwards can make them an impractical choice for built in closets that are installed in tight spaces.

Sliding Doors

Another popular option among our many clients in Toronto is the sliding door. The principal advantage to incorporating sliding doors into the design of built in closets is their ability to save space. Unlike swinging doors that move into the room when opened, sliding doors slide open and remain parallel to the front side of the closet. This can be useful if you live in a small apartment or your closet is located in a high traffic area. While this type of door improves on the main weakness of swinging type doors, they do restrict access to the interior of the closet. This is because only one side of the closet can be opened at a time, restricting your view of the items inside. Sliding doors can be made in a wide range of different finishes and often feature a mirrored exterior surface.

Bi-Folding Doors

Bi-folding doors combine the positive attributes of swing style doors with those of slide type doors to offer a good compromise. Bi-folding doors run along a track that makes them easy to open and are hinged in the middle, meaning they only take up half the amount of space that a standard swinging door does, but offer unrestricted access to the whole closet. There are very few drawbacks to bi-folding doors; the only real disadvantage is that due to there being more parts used in their construction the door is more likely to develop faults as it ages. There are various different types of bi-folding doors that can be used for built in closets, including Raised Panel bi- folding doors, Accordion bi-folding doors, French door style bi-folding doors and Louvered bi-folding doors.


Rather than opting for one of the more common options, you could choose to have curtains fitted to cover over the entrance of your closet. While solid doors generally blend in with the rest of the room’s design and continue the theme of the other walls, a fabric “door” can be used to add character to the room. We often advise our clients that curtains can be a good option for built in closets located in children’s rooms as they remove the risk of the child accidentally trapping their fingers in the door while playing.

Make Doors for Built In Closets Multi-Functional

Closets doors don’t have to just be a feature that simply provides access to the interior of built in closets; accessories can be added to increase their functionality. These include:

  • Mirrors – A mirror is perhaps the most common feature added to a closet door to make it multi-functional. This helps to save wall space in other areas of your room.
  • Storage Features – As mentioned earlier, on certain types of closet door it is possible to install racks, pegs or pockets on the back of the door to provide additional storage space.

Are you finding it difficult to decide on the best type of closet doors? For professional assistance from a design team with more than 20 years of experience of creating high quality built in closets,

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Built In Closets Vs Regular Closets

closet organizerAre you considering a new closet for your bedroom or another area of your home? Before you take a trip down to your local furniture store and pick out yet another freestanding closet, stop for a minute and consider opting for a built in closet instead. Royal Custom Closets specializes in designing and manufacturing custom closets that allow you to use the space in your home as efficiently as possible, in addition to helping increase your level of organization. Built in closets are a good way to achieve both of these goals and more, and during this article we are going to point out some of benefits that this option offers.

Benefits That Built In Closets Offer

If the purchase of a new closet is something you have been considering for some time, you have no doubt looked through a countless number of furniture catalogues and scoured the internet looking for a storage solution that not only allows you to store your clothing or other items effectively, but also fits in perfectly with the other decor present in the room. The problem is that they all start to look the same after a while. The built in closets our Toronto based experts are superior to freestanding closets because they:

Don’t Waste Space

If you have a freestanding closet in your home, take a look at it right now. Most probably you’ll notice that there’s a huge amount of wasted space above the closet, and maybe even a little to the left and right of the closet too. You can’t do anything with this space now though. In contrast, built in closets utilize every square inch of the wall that they are positioned on. They typically stretch from the floor right up to the ceiling and rather than having a large empty space, you will have an extra cupboard or two, providing you with additional storage space.

Enhance a Room’s Design

In addition to providing added functionality, the fact that built in closets remove those gaps on the wall increases the aesthetic appeal of the room. Built in furniture in general is renowned for creating a better transition between spaces and built in closets are no exception. They appear as though they are part of the structure of the property itself and create a more co-ordinated design.

Fit into Irregular Spaces

Properties and rooms come in all kinds of shapes and sizes; not every room is a perfect box or rectangle. The limitations of freestanding closets are exaggerated when placed in a room of an irregular shape since they will often not be able to fit flush to the wall, which can make them look disjointed and out of place. Built in closets on the other hand can be produced to your exact specifications and rooms featuring a sloped ceiling or alcoves are not a problem.

Use LESS Space

Not only do built in closets make use of space that is typically wasted by freestanding closets, but they usually utilize less space overall, making your room feel bigger than it currently does. Many elements of the design of a freestanding closet are far larger than they really need to be, increasing the size of the overall structure considerably.

Offer Greater Flexibility

With a freestanding closet you may be very limited to where you can place it in the room, which means you may have to settle for a room layout that you are not entirely happy with. Built in closets are like pieces of a puzzle that can fit into any space, allowing you to achieve your ideal floor plan.

Unrivalled Durability

True to the “throw away” culture that is prevalent these days, mass produced furniture often lasts just a few years before faults start to develop that prevent it from functioning properly. This is due to a combination of low grade materials and poor craftsmanship. When purchasing built in closets from Royal Custom Closets, however, you can expect them to last for several decades, and should you decide to sell your property at some point, they will increase the listing price.

Unlimited Range of Design Configurations

One other thing you will probably have noticed when browsing through furniture catalogues is that the vast majority of freestanding closets are designed in much the same way with regards to their layout. Why make do with someone else’s design when you can configure built in closets to match your own needs and preferences? In addition to a customized configuration we can also produce your closet in any style that you desire, allowing you to purchase a closet that perfectly complements the rest of the room.
As industry leaders that are renowned for our work ethic, innovative designs and commitment to client satisfaction, Royal Custom Closets has served thousands of clients across the Greater Toronto Area since 1992 and would be delighted to help transform your room.

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A Guide to the Different Types of Closet Organizers

closet organizerDo you always struggle to find your favourite shirt, dress or a suitable pair of shoes? If your answer is a resounding “yes” it’s likely that your closet has no real organization system in place. It’s time to change that and give everything its own designated area in your closet. The best way to do this is to install closet organizers. These can be bought pre-made for a very reasonable price, but if your finances allow, we would always advise you to have custom closet organizers designed and installed, as they are produced to your exact requirements and take your personal preferences into account. Closet organizers can be bought for individual items that are stored in your closet, or a comprehensive system can be purchased that takes care of everything. Today, we are going to talk you through some of the main types of closet organizers, pointing out what they are used for and how they can benefit you.

Closet Organizers: Different Options Available and Their Uses

Serving the Greater Toronto Area, Royal Custom Closets gets tasked with designing and producing a whole range of closet organizers, from those that organize a single type of clothing to complete systems that span the length of the entire closet. Some of the most popular closet organizer features in our experience include:

  • Hanging Bags – Do you have a large number of items in your closet that don’t need hanging? If the shelved area of your closet is already full to bursting point and you can’t afford to have additional shelving installed, hanging bags are a cost efficient way in which to add more of this type of storage. They hang conveniently on the clothes rail and are available in a whole range of sizes, able to store anything from shoes to t-shirts to handbags and purses. In addition to shelves they may also feature pockets and drawers.
  • Valet Rods – Valet rods are a great way to provide added space on which you can hang your clothes and are one of the most popular closet organizer accessories available. Installed onto the side of the shelved area in your closet, they extend out when you need them.
  • Shoe Cabinets – Most people have numerous pairs of different shoes and they are typically thrown into the bottom of the closet along with other random items. When your shoes are mixed together in one big pile it makes it very difficult to find what you are looking for, often having to bend over for several minutes at a time. Shoe cabinets assign part of your closet solely to shoes and each pair is well presented, making it easy to pick out the shoes you want in a matter of seconds.
  • Sliding Baskets – Installed on a track, these baskets can be pulled out to store items or perhaps dirty laundry and then conveniently slid out of view. Sliding baskets are also a great feature for storing clothing items that are out of season (such as winter clothing — hats, scarves, gloves — during the summer months) to free up space on your clothing rack.
  • Shelving Systems – Standard closets usually come with a limited amount of shelving installed and the clothes rail dominates a large area. The truth is though that hanging clothes take up a vast amount of space and many of your clothes probably don’t really need to be hung up (think t-shirts and informal pants). However, you still need these items to be accessible and storing them in drawers is less than ideal. The solution; additional shelving.
  • Drawer Dividers – This is a very basic feature that can be hugely beneficial. Drawers containing underwear and socks can get very messy at times, with everything mixing together to make it a mission to find what you need. Separate the different items in your drawers using dividers.

    Custom Closet Organizers: Designed to Your Specific Requirements

    While there is a wide range of readymade closet organizers available nowadays, they are only produced in standard dimensions and often won’t integrate very well into your closet, meaning considerable amounts of space are often wasted. The custom closet organizers produced by the Toronto furniture experts at Royal Custom Closets integrate seamlessly into any closet and offer a greater range of possible configurations. During an initial consultation we will work with you to determine your preferences in terms of how often each type of item stored in the closet is used. Once we have that information we handle every step of the process from drafting an initial design sketch right through to fitting the closet organizer at your home.
    If you are interested in the closet organizers offered by Royal Custom Closets and would like further information, talk to a member of our team.

Royal Custom Closets can help you with your closet organizers needs.

Why You Can’t Afford NOT to Have Closet Organizers in Your Life

built in closetsIf you’re not happy with the performance of one of your closets and feel like it could be time for a change, you have several options available, with the main ones being either to purchase a completely new closet or to have closet organizers installed in your existing closet space. The merits of buying a brand new closet will largely depend on the specifics of the situation, since the investment to implement such a change will far exceed that required to purchase even a comprehensive closet organizer system. How old is the closet? What condition is it in? If it is showing signs of heavy wear and tear that are affecting the way in which it functions as well as its appearance, a replacement might be a good choice. The same goes if the design of the closet doesn’t lend itself well to installing closet organizers. Apart from those two scenarios though, closet organizers are usually a better choice.

The Advantages of Purchasing Closet Organizers Rather than a New Closet

Over the years, the staff at Royal Custom Closets has spoke to thousands of Toronto based clients in relation to the performance of storage areas. One thing we frequently hear is “I’m torn between completely replacing my closet and purchasing closet organizers to improve performance; what would you recommend?” While we have already half answered that question above by briefly explaining when the purchase of a new closet is a good idea, we are now going to point out how you will benefit, just like thousands of Toronto residents already have done, from purchasing closet organizers.

Keep Hold of Your Existing Closet

This may sound insanely obvious, but if you love the appearance of the closet you have and it fits in perfectly with the rest of the room’s design, it would be a shame to get rid of it. This is especially true if the closet is in good condition. Even if there is minor damage, if it can be fixed for relatively little cost, closet organizers remain the better choice.

Closet Organizers are Durable

Of course we can’t account for all the closet organizers produced by every single manufacturer, but in general these systems are built to be able to tolerate heavy usage and typically last for a good number of years. They are available in a wide variety of materials, allowing you to choose a model that will be able to support the items it will be tasked with storing.

Just a Fraction of the Cost

This is probably the advantage that most people are interested in. After all, saving a few hundred dollars by not completely replacing the closet can go a long way at the moment when you consider the financial cutbacks many people in the Toronto area have had to make in recent times. You can get a customized storage solution for just a fraction of the cost of the price of a new closet.

Jazz Up the Interior of Your Closet

Right now you probably never open the doors to your closet when you have company as you don’t want to endure that awkward moment of silence when the other person realises just how untidy you are. Closet organizers can not only help make the interior of your closet become more organized, but they can also make the inside of your closet something that you actually want to show off. You could choose to jazz up an old wooden closet with an array of metal closet organizers, or stick with the traditional look and feel of wood.

Closet Organizers are Designed for YOU

The storage spaces in regular closets are very generic and don’t cater for your every need. How can they though; the manufacturer never had the chance to speak to you. When working with Royal Custom Closets we take any special requirements and preferences onboard and you are heavily involved in the design process of your very own closet organizer system. This all results in something that is a much better fit for you.

Experience the Benefits for Yourself on a Daily Basis

When trying to make a decision between the purchase of a new closet and closet organizers it often helps to see past the purchase and think about how your life will be affected in each case. With regards to closet organizers you can expect the following:

  • Save time. Everything in your closet will be easy to locate and accessible within seconds.
  • Reduce spending. Have you ever bought something you thought you didn’t have or had lost? With closet organizers you’ll never make another unnecessary purchase again.
  • Easier to relax. Messy environments are stress-inducing; closet organizers help to remove them.
  • Positively impact other areas of your life. Organization is a desirable attribute to possess and is really just a habit. Increased organization at home usually leads to the same in the workplace.
  • Get more done. Do you always seem to be cleaning your closet? Use your time more productively with closet organizers.

give us a call today and discuss your closet organizers requirements with one of our design professionals.

Walk In Closets: A Worthwhile Investment

walk in closetsIf the size of a conventional closet doesn’t come close to providing enough space to store the amount of clothing items and accessories that you possess, then you might want to consider having a walk in closet installed at your property. Walk in closets have become a highly desirable feature to have at home, so much so that nowadays they are one of the main items on the wish list of many people scouring the property market. In fact, close to three quarters of women feel a strong attraction to a property if the master bedroom features a walk in closet and over half of buyers are typically prepared to stretch their budget for a property that has this feature. But what exactly makes them so desirable and what are the main advantages that walk in closets offer? This is something we frequently discuss with Toronto homeowners and the answers we always provide them with can be seen below.

The Benefits that Walk In Closets Offer Homeowners in Toronto

  • More Space – There’s only so much you can fit into either a freestanding closet or a built in closet. You could have several of these closets inside the bedroom itself in theory, but then you would essentially be living inside a walk in closet and the room’s overall design would be severely compromised. The extra space offered by walk in closets can be invaluable sometimes and allows you to avoid having a cluttered bedroom space if you do have a lot of clothes to store.
  • Convenience – Walk in closets are like your very own one-stop-clothing-shop where everything you could possibly need for any type of occasion is located. You can also include other items such as an ironing board, dressing table and mirror inside the walk in closet so you have everything you need to get ready in that room.
  • Organized – The other aspect of a walk in closet that is desirable to any homeowner is the level of organization it brings. Everything has its own area in the closet and can be tracked down in a matter of seconds.
  • Increased Security – Many clients that approach us in order to have walk in closets fitted ask us to incorporate a safe into the design. This can be extremely useful for safely storing valuable items and documents, and hiding them from view. Many burglars do not think to check the walk in closet and the extra time it takes them to figure out the whereabouts of the safe might be enough to either scare them off or for the police to arrive and arrest them.
  • Less Risk of Damage to Clothing – Squashing an item into a space that is not big enough is one way to break it or at least damage it. We’ve all done it though, particularly in the case of clothes. Many people who come to us and enquire about walk in closets have a closet in their room at home that is close to bursting. Clothes need to have an adequate amount of space otherwise the way they appear and smell can be affected; and not in a good way. Walk in closets ensure that every article of clothing has sufficient room to “breathe” and is not touching anything else.
  • Privacy – Walk in closets are typically installed right off the main bedroom in the property and add an extra level of privacy so you can get changed without the fear of someone walking into the room.

    How to Determine Whether Walk In Closets Are The Best Option

    It’s well publicised that a walk in closet is every woman’s dream, but even so they require a significant financial investment; certainly more than the other options available to you (a free standing closet or a built in closet). There are three main questions to ask before going ahead with a project like this. These are:

  • Do You Need It? – By this we are referring to whether you are struggling to contain your clothing and accessories in the closet and other storage solutions currently installed in your room. If they are constantly overflowing and you feel like it’s hard to find anything due to the sheer amount of items you possess, this is a good indicator that a walk in closet would be a useful addition to your home.
  • Do You Have Enough Space? – You will need an area that has three walls. A spare bedroom could potentially be turned into a walk in closet or you could have some additional walls put in if the space you have available isn’t currently suitable. If you decide to do this, you will need to check with your local building authority whether you need a building permit to do this.

Can You Afford it? – This is something we mentioned earlier but is an important aspect to consider, as walk in closets often cost several thousand dollars to design and install.
Royal Custom Closets always works closely with its clients to ensure complete satisfaction with the end product. If you are based in the Toronto area and are interested in arranging an initial consultation,

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A Process You Can Follow to Help You Design Ideal Custom Closets

walk in closetNo-one knows your requirements like you do and when working with a company that designs custom closets you owe it to yourself to invest some time in order to develop the ideal storage solution for your home. Royal Custom Closets provides expertly crafted closets to residents across the Greater Toronto Area and we pride ourselves on being as “hands-on” as we can with every client that approaches us. This not only involves manufacturing a closet to the clients specifications; it also involves taking some time to understand their needs and making design suggestions based on that information. If you are struggling to come up with a design for your closet, there are a number of steps you can follow to help you visualize the end result clearer.

Recommended Steps to Take in the Design Phase of Custom Closets

Many people we work with don’t really consider themselves as the “design type,” which is why they come to us in the first place, but we assure you that in order to create the best closet possible, your input is vital. For this reason we like our clients to complete several steps that can help to give them a clearer idea of the closet that they want. We have outlined these steps below.

Use Your Current Closet to Brainstorm

When our clients contact us they usually have a standard closet at home but never think they could use it to inspire design ideas for their new custom closet. While the quality is nothing like that of the custom closets we produce, a readymade closet does have the same basic outline and can be a good template to try ideas out on. The first thing to do is completely empty the closet; not just the clothes, everything, including the hangers and any storage boxes that are lurking at the bottom of the closet.

Make a Note of What You Have in the Closet

Many people aren’t actually aware of exactly what is in their closet half of the time and this is often a good opportunity to get rid of anything that you don’t particularly want to keep. After you have done that, it’s time to categorize everything; for clothes this means sorting out your shirts from your t-shirts, your long pants from your shorts, and your dress shoes from your sports shoes. Remove anything that doesn’t really belong in the closet. Although custom closets can help you become more organized, storage features for items that shouldn’t even be in the closet are a waste of valuable space!

Determining Your Needs

At this stage you have determined what needs to be stored; now you have to figure out how you would like it to be stored. The features that the closet contains will largely depend on the type of items stored in the closet, as design features applicable to a bedroom closet won’t be suitable for the storage of items in other rooms such as the kitchen or living room. On top of that, everyone has their own preferences in terms of how these items are stored, and you need to work our yours. For example, you might commonly wear formal clothes, while another person might only wear a shirt and tie once a year.

Features that can be Incorporated into the Design of Your Custom Closets

The thing to remember when considering the type of features you would like including is that with custom closets there are no limits; you probably wouldn’t believe some of the features we’ve implemented into the design of custom closets for our clients over the years.

A Few Design Suggestions for Women

  • Shoe Rack. An angled shoe rack complete with toe stop is popular with female clients as it offers a quick overview of all shoes in addition to easy access.
  • Jewellery Organizer. Jewellery is often very easy to lose and very expensive to replace. This can be avoided by having a pull-out jewellery organizer incorporated into the design of your closet.
  • Clip-On Shelf Dividers. How can you efficiently store your collection of handbags and purses? Clip-on shelf dividers must have been designed with this problem in mind and help keep everything organized and easily accessible.
    A few Design Suggestions for Men
  • Pull-Out Tie Rack. Avoid creasing your collection of ties by implementing a tie rack into the design, which allows your ties to hang freely and saves valuable drawer space.
  • Belt Hooks – Often find it difficult to track down a belt when you need one? Solve the problem by assigning a dedicated area of the closet to your belts.
  • Pant Rack – Hanging pants full length in the closet wastes valuable space; space that can be saved using a customized pant rack.

Deciding on how you would like to store your items is often the part that most people find difficult, but when you work with Royal Custom Cabinets this is not something you have to do on your own. You can utilize our years of expertise in producing custom closets to your benefit and walk away with a storage solution that makes your life considerably easier.

For further information contact us Royal Custom Closets today.

Design Ideas to Consider When Planning Walk In Closets

walk in closetEveryone’s definition of the perfect walk in closet is different. After all, we all have different tastes and preferences, which is a good thing otherwise the world would be a very uniform and boring place. However, there are certain characteristics that all well designed walk in closets share, which include efficient use of the space available and a functional layout that is user friendly and offers easy access to all items stored in the closet. Having been leading this industry in the Greater Toronto Area for more than two decades, Royal Custom Closets has overseen the creation of hundreds of walk in closets, all varying slightly in design, utilizing different features based on the requirements of the client. If you have decided to have a walk in closet installed at your property and are struggling for ideas, we are going to talk about some of our favourite features during this article.

Features That Can Enhance the Appearance and Functionality of Walk In Closets

Whether you can include these features will largely depend on how big your walk in closet is going to be and what you plan to store in it. In no particular order, features that are worth considering include:

Central Island

This is a feature that is extremely popular with female clients and is perfect for storing items like jewellery, cosmetic products and other accessories. An island is only recommended for walk in closets that are fairly large, as in smaller spaces they could restrict access to other storage areas. Islands are also useful in that they free up some extra storage space on the walls.

Seated Area

You can’t dress yourself comfortably when stood upright. To put shoes, socks or stockings on you need to be able to sit down, otherwise you’ll have to bend over in an uncomfortable position. A seated area really finishes off a walk in closet perfectly, allowing you to get ready in comfort.

Soft Lighting

Walk in closets don’t often feature windows, which makes lighting fixtures all the more important. Avoid using intense spotlights as they have a tendency to highlight imperfections . A better choice would be a softer type of lighting that puts added emphasis on your best features.


A mirror has been one of the must have features for many of the clients we have worked with in the Greater Toronto Area, as the walk in closets we design often double up as dressing rooms. And you can’t get ready without looking at yourself in the mirror! Placement of this mirror is key though; you need to be able to stand several feet away from the mirror to look at yourself properly.

Maximize Vertical Space

In most cases walk in closets aren’t huge areas so every square inch needs to be utilized. This means designing your storage areas to cover the entire wall from floor to ceiling. You should be able to easily incorporate two levels of clothes racks into the design.

Drawers with Clear Fronts

The inclusion of drawers in walk in closets is practically mandatory as there are so many items that don’t require hanging but need to be stored somewhere. Why not install drawers that have clear fronts so you can locate items quickly when you are in a hurry. This is an extremely useful feature for anyone that starts work early in the morning , as it’s a lot harder to find what you want when you are still half asleep.

Built In Ironing Board

You can’t go all out on a walk in closet and then use a cheap standalone ironing board. Rather than having the hassle of having to get it out and set it up every time you want to use it, have an ironing board incorporated into the design of one of the storage units. This way you can just pull it out and be ironing within a minute or so. This is especially handy when you are late for a meeting and need your shirt ironed fast.

Concealed Clothes Hampers

A hamper full of your dirty clothes is not something that should be on full view as it can detract from the aesthetics of the rest of the closet and take up valuable space. There are many types of built in hampers that offer quick access and are concealed inside one of the storage units, safely out of sight.

Key Features That All Walk In Closets Should Have

The features described above are all desirable but whether they are incorporated into the design of your walk in closet will depend on your preferences and how you will use the area. Regardless of those features, a skilled designer will always ensure that your walk in closet:

  • Has a simple floor plan.
  • Uses the space available as efficiently as possible.
  • Possesses the right balance between the various storage features.
  • Matches the design style of the other rooms in the property.

For assistance in designing your perfect walk in closet, talk to a member of the team at Royal Custom Closets.

Custom Closets Offer a Diverse Range of Benefits to Any Homeowner

closet organizerImpossible to find what you need when you need it. Clothes all over the place and random items that were stuffed into the wardrobe a few months ago and forgotten about. We’ve all been there and we’ve all repeatedly thought that there “must be a better way.” Well there is; custom closets. Many homes are furnished with store bought closets for a couple of main reasons; cost and convenience. While it’s true that the upfront cost is generally lower and you can walk into a store and take one home the same day, those are perhaps the only two genuine benefits of purchasing a readymade closet. If you are in the market for a new closet, we strongly urge you to consider custom closets as they offer a diverse range of benefits that standard closets simply can’t match. During this article we are going outline each of them for you.

How Custom Closets Can Improve the Quality of Your life

Royal Custom Closets is a Toronto based custom furniture specialist that has served thousands of clients since 1992, and when working with us we ensure that every square inch of your property is utilized in the most efficient manner possible. You will benefit from the installation of custom closets at your property in the following ways:

Designed Based on Your Needs

Regular closets are designed and constructed based on the needs of the general public. But the truth is, everyone is different. You likely have a different dress sense that that of your neighbour who lives one door up, and they probably have a different style to the neighbour one door up from them. Our point is that you are likely to store different clothing items in your closet compared to other people. Custom closets take that into account and the layout can be designed to efficiently store whatever you like, whether that be a diverse range of footwear or several tailor made suits.

Make the Most of Your Room

As we have already mentioned, custom closets help you to use the space you have available in the most efficient manner possible. You know how standard closets always seem to waste lots of space by poorly positioning the clothes rail? Or how the shelves are far too deep for the items they are designed to store? With custom closets each element is only given the space that is actually required, and not an inch more. This could reduce the amount of space that the closet takes up in your room and will definitely allow you to store more within the same space.

Vast Array of Design Possibilities

When you go to a furniture store and buy a readymade closet, you are limited to designs that the manufacturer has chosen and thinks you will like. Why allow a furniture manufacturer to select the design of your room? Custom closets give the power back to you. You can have your closet constructed from any type of material that you like, in a colour that best fits in with the rest of the design of your room and with any design features that you like.

Increased Organization Saves You Time

With standard closets the designs are often very basic and the organizational capabilities are often limited. Usually there are a few shelves of varying sizes, two or three draws and a clothes rail. Custom closets are planned out in more detail and can help you to separate different types of clothes from each other. Everything has its own place, meaning you can locate whatever you need in a matter of seconds. Rifling through the hangers on your clothes rail twenty minutes before you are due at work will be a thing of the past!

Constructed from High Quality Materials

The quality of materials used and the level of craftsmanship that goes into constructing custom closets cannot be compared with that of mass produced furniture. This results in the closet lasting for a much longer period of time and custom built furniture is also proven to retain its value well. Readymade closets on the other hand often become unusable after a few short years owing to the poor quality of construction, resulting in the need to purchase a replacement. This means that custom closets are often more cost efficient in the long run.

Moulded to Your Room

Readymade closets are only available in a range of set sizes. What happens if none of the available sizes fits perfectly into the space you have available? You will have no option but to compromise. But why should you have to pay good money for something you are not 100% satisfied with? Custom closets are made to your exact specifications. They can also be made to perfectly fit irregular shaped rooms.
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